About Us

Smart Alek is an essential capsule wardrobe for young gentlemen that allow boys to look good in practical, comfortable, well-cut clothes that they enjoy wearing.  

The core collection is based around a limited number of classic pieces that is combined in multiple permutations to create a wardrobe for every occasion and season.


Agniya and Alek Lyle

Agniya, the founder of Smart Alek, worked in fashion before conceiving Alek and has always been passionate about the cut and detailing of men’s wear.

Alek, the brands tireless ‘test pilot’ is an adventurous 6-year old, who is as opinionated about his clothes as he is hard on them, ensuring  that nothing is too hard to put on, restrictive to climb a tree in, or itchy to wear all day.

About the Art of Dressing

Only shallow people...do not judge by appearances” – Oscar Wilde.

Agniya believes that a good education should teach children how to be at ease in themselves and in any situation, part of which is knowing how to dress and be comfortable in their clothes.

Smart Alek gives children the basis of a comfortable, fun, hard-wearing wardrobe in colours that they can coordinate themselves whilst always remaining smart.

High quality natural fabrics have been selected to patinate and become more comfortable with regular washing.

Beau Brummel

 Smart Alek was inspired by Beau Brummel the 19th Century ‘dandy’, who's credo was that pattern and ornament were secondary to cut, fit and proportion – a belief out of which all the classic forms of men’s clothing we know today were born.